Upcoming Events

There are a few upcoming events that should be important to EiD readers. If you have an event coming soon that you would like our readers to know about, please tell us.


• Australia’s National Energy Efficiency Conference 2016


The National Energy Efficiency Conference, presented by the Energy Efficiency Council, is Australia’s premier annual event for energy efficiency, demand management and cogeneration.

The conference takes place on 15-16 November 2016 at Australian Technology Park, Sydney

Over 350 efficiency leaders, innovators, energy users and policy makers will connect in Sydney to hear, debate and analyse the latest Australian and global thinking about maximising productivity by saving energy.

Delivered in collaboration with the International Energy Agency’s Energy in Buildings & Communities Programme, key topics will include innovation and the global market for energy efficiency; buildings, health and productivity; the worldwide transformation of energy systems and the role of efficiency in assisting this transformation and meeting greenhouse emission targets.

There’ll also be in-depth streams exploring the latest thinking on efficiency in commercial buildings, industry, homes and government, precinct energy, technology and incentives and much more.

Information about the conference is available on its website.


• eceee Industrial Efficiency 2016


The European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee) is holdings its industrial energy efficiency event in Berlin in September 2016 with a renewed format. Following a careful evaluation of the 2012 and 2014 Summer Studies and listening to the input from many participants and stakeholders, eceee has created a conference that will last for two days, starting in the afternoon of Monday 12 September and ending in the afternoon of Wednesday 14 September.

Industrial Efficiency 2016 offers a mix of high-level plenaries, thematic panels and informal sessions.

The thematic panels will offer some 120 presentations based on both scientific peer-reviewed paper and presentations from people working on the “factory floor”. The panel presentations are organised around five themes:

  • Policies and programmes
  • Sustainable production design and supply chain initiatives
  • Energy management: the nuts and bolts
  • Technology, products and systems
  • Business models and financing: established practice and innovative approaches

There are five eminent keynote speakers: Thorsten Herdan from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy; Professor Mojib Latif from GEOMAR; Brian Motherway, Head of the Energy Efficiency Division at the International Energy Agency; Anders Wijkman, Chair of the Swedish Cross-Party Committee on Environmental Objectives; and Julia Verlinden, German parliament for the Green Party.

Information on Industrial Efficiency 2016 is available on the eceee website.


• World Sustainable Energy Days

The World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED), one of Europe’s largest annual conferences in this field, offer a unique combination of events on sustainable energy. The 2017 conference will take place from 1 – 3 February 2017 in Wels/Austria.

For more than 20 years, experts from all over the world have gathered in Upper Austria to attend the conference – in 2016, the event attracted over 700 participants from 57 countries. The conference makes an important contribution to awareness-raising about renewable energy and energy efficiency.


EiD wants to point out two important events during WSED. Two conferences present the work and achievements of young researchers in the fields of biomass and energy efficiency. They offer an opportunity to interact with researchers and industry experts from all over the world.

Young researchers (born after 1981) in energy efficiency and biomass are invited to submit contributions. The deadline is October 10th, 2016. Submissions are invited from any scientific field (e.g. technology & engineering, economic and social sciences, architecture, law, arts, etc.) and must be in English only. The two best contributions are honoured with the awards “Best Young Researcher: Energy Efficiency” and “Best Young Researcher: Biomass” and will receive 1,000 Euro each as prize money. Information is available here.

Rod Janssen of EiD is honoured to be a member of the scientific committee.

Information on WSED is available on its website.


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