Good news on jobs in energy efficiency

When we discuss energy efficiency policies, everyone wants to know the impact on jobs. This is totally understandable. Carl Weinschenk writes on the Energy Manager Today website about recent analysis in the US. Do we have equivalent and recent data in Europe?


Big Job Gains in Energy Efficiency Sectors

A report from the U.S. Department of Energy says that 1.9 million people were employed last year in energy efficiency-related businesses. This year, that number is expected to grow by 257,000. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story on the study – entitled “United States Energy and Employment Report” – said that researchers found that 1.6 million people work at wind, solar or other types of alternative energy plants.

The study found that efficiency supports 482,000 in finance, management and legal services. Another 133,000 people are employed in the related wholesale, trade and distribution ecosystem. Finally, the story says, 35,000 people have jobs in manufacturing industries related to energy efficiency.

In October, the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association said that there are 25,700 clean energy sector jobs in the state. That represented a 12 percent gain from 2014. Revenue for the sector reached $6.6 billion, an increase of 37 percent.

2 thoughts on “Good news on jobs in energy efficiency

  1. Approaching one million people are employed within the European Union in work relating to the supply of energy efficiency goods and services. This is according to a new study entitled “Assessing the employment and social impact of energy efficiency”, prepared by Cambridge Econometrics, and published this January.

    The study found that the sectors with the greatest level of energy efficiency jobs (539, 000) were those that produce, or are part of, the supply chain for investment goods. This includes jobs in manufacturing of machinery and equipment that enables the production of more energy efficient goods, as well as energy efficient materials.

    Of these, around 93,000 such employees are to be found in the UK. This is a smaller number than in other big European countries like Germany, Italy or France; the most are to be found in Germany (179,000), which has deliberately focused on demand management as the critical part of its modernisation policies.

    The 179-page study contains many other important numerical conclusions. It concludes that an additional number of 2.4 million jobs are being created within the EU28 from further “activities that have the potential to bring about energy savings”. This accounts for around 1% of total European employment.

    • Excellent. Thanks so much. Quite encouraging overall and it is good to see the approach taken in Germany.

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