Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of product energy policy

EiD would like to congratulate Hans-Paul Siderius of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (, well known to many of you, for obtaining his PhD recently. Hans-Paul is one of the leading figures in product policy related to Ecodesign and energy labelling and it is no surprise that his thesis was on this topic. His thesis, entitled Increasing effectiveness and efficiency of product energy policy, related to mandatory policy measures on product information and product conformity in order to reduce energy consumption of energy using products. His main conclusion is that several challenges to reducing such consumption can be addressed. For one, minimum energy performance standards can be made more effective by integrating experience curves into life cycle cost calculations and by applying a top running approach including learning from other countries.

Importantly, his thesis provides a number of policy recommendations. As Hans-Paul writes, “These can be used in further development of MEPS and energy labelling measures and the process to prepare and adopt these measures. The recommendations are addressed to policy makers, including experts working at national level, EU level, NGOs and industry associations.”

For more information about his thesis, please contact EiD at


2 thoughts on “Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of product energy policy

    1. Hi Jan

      It is best that I email you Hans-Paul’s coordinates. He will definitely send it to you. Yes, I do have it and I’ve read most of it. It’s good.


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