eid2o-02There are some interesting developments to share:

  • EiD is happy to see Laura Williamson returned to Paris to work for REN21 as Communications and Outreach Manager.  Laura will be missed at HELIO International where she has been a stalwart promoting sustainable energy.  Laura and Christine Lins, Executive Secretary, will make a formidable team.  EiD wishes Laura all the best.
  •  There will be record attendance at this year’s eceee Summer Study, June 3 to 8.  The theme is Rethink, Renew, Restart which has a strong resonance today.  This year’s summer study also celebrates 20 years of evidence-based knowledge sharing.  There may be a few places available so you must hurry to register.  Check eceee’s website about availability and general information about the Summer Study. EiD will definitely be there blogging, tweeting, attending many papers being delivered and just enjoying the ambiance.  Will you be there?
  •  EiD will be a co-organiser together with EEIP (Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes) at EU Sustainable Energy Week.  The industrial energy efficiency event on financing is on June 27th at 9 am.  There are stellar speakers and Rod will be moderator.  Entitled “Financing Energy Efficiency: Why Bother?”, this is an event you shouldn’t miss.

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