bigEE launched

eid2grey-02bigEE has now been launched.

bigEE is an international initiative of research institutes for technical and policy advice and public agencies in the field of energy and climate, co-ordinated by the Wuppertal Institute (Germany). Its aim is to develop the international web-based knowledge platform for energy efficiency in buildings, building-related technologies, and appliances in the world’s main climatic zones.

bigEE – “bridging the information gap on Energy Efficiency in buildings” – summarises knowledge and presents comprehensive, independent, and high-quality information on energy efficiency in buildings, supporting decision-making and its implementation.

The platform informs users about energy efficiency options and savings potentials, net benefits and how policy can support achieving those savings. Targeted information is paired with recommendations and examples of good practice. To ensure there is targeted, quick and easy access, information about buildings, appliances and policies is presented in three different intuitive guides.

The declared goal, and a distinctive feature of bigEE, is to address decision-makers, being private or public investors as well as policy-makers in administrations and parliaments. The processing and presentation of information via is focused towards the background and practical needs of these target groups.

Information will also be provided with a view to the specific conditions and needs of different countries.

Accordingly, bigEE is based on a network of institutions which collect, process and actively disseminate information. The first bigEE partner countries are China and South Africa. Negotiations with partners in India and Mexico are on-going.

The bigEE website is available here.

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