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September 23, 2018

EiD has reached an important milestone, having now had over 3000 posts published since it started in 2012. We have appreciated all the kind words of support we have received throughout the years.

The energy transition is well underway but we need a new generation of experts to continue the good work. EiD encourages all young researchers in energy efficiency and biomass to submit contributions for next year’s World Sustainable Energy Days. The deadline is October 10th. Rod is  member of the scientific committee of the young researchers conference.

This week’s selection of posts covers a wide range of topics related to the energy transition. They should give you much to reflect on.

John Cage, the American composer (1912-1992) gives us much to think about this week: “I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.”

EiD welcomes your views about this week’s selection of posts on the energy transition: Confronting the elephant in the room—the ‘trilemma’ of population growth, economic growth and environmental sustainabilityFears that new mining operations in the north east of South Africa could threaten communities, tourism and the environmentWhat history teaches us about dealing with climate changeEfforts to help Australia’s SMEs reduce their energy billsImpact of labelling for energy-efficient chillers in IndiaPowerful call for investors to be more positive about investing in climate actionConcerns about shipping in the ArcticHow the link between economic growth and rising energy use has broken and what it meansCoping with the public’s desire for 100% renewable energy • and much more…

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