Last week, EiD asked readers how they coped with the recent hot spell.  Here is a reaction from Chris Hamans


Hi Rod,

It is quite some time ago that we met a ECEEE, Eurima, etc. I am retired since a couple of years from working for Rockwool International (30 years) Eurima and CEPMC.


Every week I am still reading your posts that keep me on track!

In your today’s post you called for reactions: “….. It will be good to know how readers coped so please let us know”

Perhaps the following might be interesting. It is an item on the newsblog on our website

(Its all in Dutch, I am sorry).  I contributed to the blog because people were blaming the new regulations on the thermal performance  of buildings. “the high amount of insulation is killing the building comfort in summer time”.

In my response to that I showed that insulation as well as high performance window glazing is resisting the heat flow, regardless the direction of this heat flow. Nevertheless the window (glazing and frame) are providing a relatively weak resistance in the entire building envelope. Even the poorest insulated cavity wall (60mm cavity in NL-market) is still 2.2 better performing than the best performing triple glazing. Aside the solar radiation, that should be “shaded” away from the window, outside temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius have a rather easy energy flow to our livings and sleeping rooms through windows. Only insulating shutters or blinds then could help. But don’t blame well insulated building envelopes for the discomfort. It might take considerations to provide other measures to increase the thermal resistance of window openings, e.g. by installing insulated shutters.

Please find enclosed the article, which I have tried to summarise above in my best English !


kind regards, met vriendelijke groet

Chris Hamans
Sterplein 8

NL 6097EA Heel